Monday, December 27, 2010

Fwd: Elizabeth's stocking stuffers

From left to right, Elizabeth got a wine journal, a wine label remover for the wine journal, a small wine notebook to take with her to record quickly her thoughts at a vineyard or while we're at Napa Valley, and in her mouth is a 6 month membership to a wine club that will deliver 2 bottles a month beginning in the last week of January.

Do we sense a theme here?

The wine journal has COOPER monogrammed on the cover, and we'll be able to keep a record of all our special wines....a scrapbook of sorts. Like the bottle from Jean Farris we purchased on our anniversary,  or the bottles we shipped from Tuscany at the vineyard we visited.

Just wanted to share!

I received some wonderfully comfortable fleece pants, house shoes , a good heavy hammer, a Charlie Brown mug (now my most favorite mug), and a set of C clamps to use with my new saw horses I received from Tom and Terry yesterday.

All in front if our gift from Santa keeping us warm on a white Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas!!

Elizabeth Ann Cooper

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