Saturday, March 27, 2010

Home in the south

Our visit with Mom and Dad was much needed and perfect timing.  We were able to spend the weekend watching the first round of the NCAA and enjoyed some Cat stompings!  We saw Katie and Elise Saturday and boy did Elise look cute.  She is trying to walk and seemed like a happy girl. She loves playing with Keightley and he likes to lick her.  Katie left with Elise before the game started to go to Lucas's. She had a Duffel bag with her and I asked if she was moving out jokingly, she replied yep.  Little did I know it was true.  After the game mom and Dad told us she moved in win Lucas that night.  They are tired,underappreciated and worried.  I hate it for them and Elise, but I pray God's takes care of her and that this situation will cause her to grow up, and begin to appreciate all mom and dad do for her.  I'm glad Barry and I were there to let Mom and Dad know how much we love them and to assure to them that they are wonderful parents they are.

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